Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge
                                                                        SecondLife's Best Kept Dirty Little Secret...Indulge Yourself...

Siren Sex Doll Spa NOW OPEN!

The Siren Sex Doll Spa is officially open!

Located just left of the landing point at Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge you'll find a relaxing and intimate AFK massage parlor for your enjoyment.

Inside you'll find lucious sex dolls for you to play with. Each Siren will be wearing sexy strippable clothing for you to tear off as you wish.

A word of caution, make sure you tip first before you play. Patrons caught playing with out paying will be banned immediately.

We hope you enjoy the new addition to Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge. Please contact Miss Phedre Luckless with any questions or concerns.

Go on, Indulge know you want to.

║💋 Indulge Promotions Presents : Men of Indulge May 25th @ 7 Pm Slt💋 ║

Indulge Promotions Presents : Men of Indulge May 25th @ 7 Pm Slt

Gentlemen, Tonight you will have a chance to show us what you are working with for One Special Night Only! Each Siren will get a chance to Sponsor One of you Handsome Gentlemen ( Each Siren can Sponsor only One!) of her Choice to Dance on Stage and Earn Tips ! At the End of the Night, The Gentleman with the Most tips gets a 15 Minute Session with the Sireon of their Choice compliments of Miss Phedre!

Ask Your favorite Indulge Siren How to be Sponsored!

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Phedre Luckless

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Your dirty little secret.. Playground... salacious little home away from home where the Sultry Indulge Sirens always welcome you in with a wicked little smile... drawing you in with their soft, sultry voices... teasing you as your eyes take in the curves of their half bare flesh... Don't you want to come play? Indulge Yourself...